Remove Unwanted Ads with Adblock and Google Chrome

Google search is free. So are a lot of other services on the internet. Advertising helps pay for this free stuff that we get online. But we’re living in a world driven by advertising and frankly sometimes its overkill. But if you’re using chrome then you’re in luck. Chrome has multiple free tools to help us get rid of unwanted ads.

Adblock is one of the chrome extensions that remove advertisements from web pages. To install Adblock go to the Chrome web store. You’ll find this app in the popular section or you can search for it in the search bar provided at the left side of the page. You’ll also find Adblock Plus which provides similar functionality but I’ve been using Adblock and I’ve yet to face any issues with it, so I choose that.

Click on the “add to Chrome” option, a small window will pop up to confirm the install and warn you that this data can access your data on all websites and all your tabs and browsing data.

Click on install and you’re ready to go. Once installed, it will open a new window with just one configuration option.

Just click on the “that was easy” button. It will take you to two more screens, the last one will prompt you to donate to the creator of this software extension (and you should) but for now just close the browser window and you’re all done.

Open any page and see the difference.

Enjoy the web. Ad-FREE.


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  2. it all depend on which browser you are using why dont you watch this video


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